Electrical Testing own and operate Dipstik® Technology.

The fastest, most efficient and cost effective method
to test your street lighting columns.

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Model C Dipstik®

New Features

The new model ‘C’ dipstik brings a level of automation and increased reliability to our testing.
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New Connectivity

The newest model C dipstik® comes with bluetooth, which enables instantaneous data transfer of the dipstik® readings to a tablet. Results are quicker and more reliable and remove the potential for inspector error.

GPS Mapping

Dipstik® Technology comes with GPS locating, so every unit can be mapped for easy of identification. Information can also be uploaded into the cloud for tests results, that can be viewed by clients within 24 hours of being tested.

Aluminium Columns

Eddy currents that flow around and through steel lighting columns have always clung to steel but previous versions of dipstik® have struggled to get a clear reading from aluminium columns. Our engineers have worked hard on the technology and the new model C dipstik® now works perfectly on aluminium columns…

Easyweb 5 Portal

Using an internet connection, access to our Easyweb 5 portal can be made from any location to quickly and easily view structural test results.  

How It Works

Dipstik® Technology is trusted by local authorities and contractors
Ringway Jacobs


Mark Johnson
Ringway Contracts Manager, Milton Keynes

I've used Electrical Testing to carry out our structural testing of street lighting columns for several years. The dipstik has identified columns that had corroded well before their life expectancy and using dipstik gives our client peace of mind, that their columns are safe and fit for purpose.

Richard Webster
Street Lighting Manager, Suffolk County Council

We've been using ET to carry out our structural testing since 2013. The results give us peace of mind and the reporting through the Easyweb portal is so detailed, that we use it religiously when planning column replacements.

Sue Kinsella
Street Lighting Asset Manager, Kent County Council

We've used the dipstik® and Electrical Testing for many years. The service we get from ET has always been good, whether its reports, the advice or the additional services that they offer. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

Alan HobbsDipstik® technology was developed by Alan Hobbs, a retired SAP (Senior Authorised Person) with London Electricity. Through his work with local authorities electrically testing columns, as part of the Electricity at Work Regulation requirements, Alan came up with the idea for Dipstik ® Technology. Local authorities had no recognised way of determining whether columns were fit for purpose.

The dipstik® solved the problem that duty holders had of testing columns that were difficult to access with other test methods.

It provided reliable and proven results that came from the oil and nuclear industries where cracks and defects in shafts could go undetected. The dipstik® was able to replicate this method and provide a clear picture of the degradation of column material above and most importantly, below ground where corrosion cannot be seen.

To date, Dipstik® technology has found hundreds of corroded columns and is used on over half a million columns a year, across the UK.

Examples of Dipstik® Technology Finding

Failed Columns

The benefit of Dipstik ® Technology, is that it can locate a loss in column thickness below ground, without the need for costly excavation, however, sometimes severe corrosion can occur in plain site but requires the Dipstik® to identify it. Click below to see examples.